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Elected Members

There are 3 committees in total comprising of an Executive Committee, a Salford Subcommittee and a Trafford Subcommittee.

The LMC is a democratic organisation. Members are elected for a 3 year term of office and all GPs in our areas are invited to stand and to vote. All GPs across our areas are informed of forthcoming elections in advance and it is very easy to stand as you can self-nominate. If there are vacancies on the subcommittee the LMC can co-opt members mid-3 year term. On each of the subcommittees we look to have a minimum of 1 GP partner representative per neighbourhood, 1 Practice manager, 1 salaried GP and 1 sessional GP from across each locality.

The subcommittee members are then able to self-nominate in order to become an Executive Committee member once they have been on a Subcommittee for a minimum of one year.

The Executive Committee roles in addition to the employed Chief Executive Officer comprise of a Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary and are responsible for ensuring the LMC undertakes is regulatory obligations and represents Salford, Stockport and Trafford General Practice in a multitude of forums (see external meetings section).

Both the Subcommittees meet 11 times a year to discuss policy and matters relevant to General Practice locally, as does the Executive.

The Subcommittee meetings have a standing agenda and invite updates from the CCG, Council, GP Federations, and Greater Manchester Health and Social Partnership, with the opportunity for special business consisting of issues brought to the attention of the LMC.

The Staff Team

In addition, we have a Finance and Administration Manager who supports the LMC Executive with financial and administration responsibilities, and a Business Support and Practice Advisor who has a varied portfolio supporting the LMC Executive and Practices alike.

If you would like to know what goes on at an LMC Meeting, you are welcome to attend a meeting as an observer at any time. To arrange a visit, please contact the LMC Secretariat who will be happy to organise a date with you. If you are keen to contribute and influence events in your local area, please contact us at any time to discuss the possibility of LMC membership, should there be a vacancy.

Meet the Executive Team

Chief Executive with Treasurer Responsibilities

Eve Mannerings

Eve qualified as a RGN in 1999 and worked as Specialist Nurse at Wythenshawe Hospital until 2005. She spent the next 11 years in numerous roles within Manchester and Trafford CCGs, with the most recent position as Primary Care Quality Lead in Trafford CCG.

Eve joined the LMC as Chief Executive in October 2016 and enjoys using her Nursing and Commissioning background to make positive changes on behalf of General Practice across the Health and Social care system in both Salford, Stockport and Trafford.

Her professional passions are forming strong relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring efficiency and fairness, reducing inequality and injustice and bringing about positive change. In her spare time she loves photography and spending time with her 2 children.


Dr Aarya Prabhakaran

Dr Prabhakaran qualified in 1998 and completed his GP VTS scheme in Trafford and Salford in 2006. He has been a GP partner since 2008 and currently, managing partner of Firsway health centre in Sale. He also works for GTD Healthcare as a GP advisor dealing with clinical complaints and performance. In addition Dr Prabhakaran is a GP trainer, appraiser and works as a GP specialist advisor for CQC.

He is passionate about improving efficiency, quality and reducing bureaucracy in General Practice.

Vice Chair

Dr Jenny Walton

Dr Walton trained at Hope and has worked ever since in the Salford area as GP partner, locum and salaried GP for the past 30 years. She had a brief sojourn into occupational health in the mid 1990s but missed general practice so much that she had to return to it. She is married to local GP, Martin Hayes. She is the clinical lead for older people and integrated care for the CCG and became a member of the LMC representing salaried GPs in 2011 and relishes the opportunity to fight the cause of Salford, Stockport and Trafford GPs in these ever changing times in our beloved NHS.

She feels she may be a novice when it comes to medical politics but is passionate about her colleagues and will do everything in her power to represent them.

P.S. She has been known to tread the "boards" from time to time and has recently had "the joyous experience of working with Kay Mellor" on the BBC drama "The Syndicate" where she appeared briefly opposite Timothy Spall; watch this space.

Finance and Administration Manager

Kerrie Rowlands

Finance and Administration Manager - Kerrie joined the LMC in May 2011 and continues to provide the Executive with all aspects of business support services. She has seen the role evolve and develop over the years and continues to enjoy the variety and flexibility the role gives her. She has been amazed at how complex GP contracts are, and how busy the LMC is as an organisation.

Outside of work, Kerrie enjoys spending time with her family and long walks in the countryside with her dog.

Business Support and Advisor

Deborah Darlington

Deborah joined the LMC in April 2020. She originally trained as a Radiographer and then after a career break for her children changed roles and has been a Practice Manager in Trafford for nearly 22 years. She recently retired from Urmston Group Practice but was keen to continue with a role in Primary Care. She is also working as part time Manager for the Trafford West PCN.

Deborah feels strongly that all Practices should have equal access to information and opportunities and that treatment of all Practices is equitable.

In her spare time Deborah is a lifelong birdwatcher and enjoys sewing and embroidery.

Meet the Subcommittees

Salford Subcommittee

Dr Jenny Walton
GP Salford Subcommittee Chair


Dr Helen Anderson (Mat Leave)
GP at Willow Tree

Dr Ashish Choudhry (Maternity Cover)
GP at Lower Broughton Health Centre

Rebecca Donohue
Practice manager at Blackfriars Medical Practice

Eccles and Irlam

Clare Richardson
Practice Manager at Chapel Group Medical Centre

Dr Kate Marflow
GP at St Andrews Medical Centre

Oldsall and Claremont

Dr Alexandra Smith (Mat Leave)
GP at Langworthy Medical Practice

Janine Crowshaw
Practice manager at Clarendon Surgery


Dr Paul Bateson
GP at The Sides Medical Centre

Andrea Simpson
Practice manager at Silverdale Medical Centre

Walkden and Little Hulton

Dr Sapna Tandon
GP at Cherry Medical Practice

Danielle Perkins
Practice manager at Cherry Medical Practice

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic the LMC subcommittee meeting have been held over MS Team. They will continue to be held remotely until further notice.

Salford Subcommittee is usually held at Salford Innovation Centre, 51 Frederick Road, M6 6FP on the 4th Wednesday of each month (with the exception of August and December). The meeting is 1300-1430. Attendance is by invitation or request only.

Trafford Subcommittee

Dr Aarya Prabhakaran
GP Chair of Trafford Subcommittee

Dr Manish Prasad
Sessional GP




Dr Scott Pearson
GP at Firsway Health Centre

Alison Overton
Practice manager at Boundary House Medical Centre


Dr Joe Chandy
GP at North Traff Group Practice

Caroline Scott Williams
Practice manager at Lostock Medical Centre



Karen Johnson
Practice manager at Family Surgery


Dr Rachel Howard
GP at Davyhulme Medical Centre

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic the LMC subcommittee meeting have been held over MS Team. They will continue to be held remotely until further notice.

Trafford Subcommittee is usually held at the Life Centre, 235 Washway Road, Sale, M33 4BP on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (with the exception of August and December). The meeting is 1300-1430. Attendance is by invitation or request only.