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External Support

Providing support for resilience and improvement in General Practice

The Salford, Stockport and Trafford LMC help with supporting local practices with development, improvement and offer support programmes to GP practices in the area. Here’s our recommended resources to help with resilience and support in your GP practice.

GM Excellence programme

The GM Excellence programme aims to support and improve Greater Manchester General Practices to enable care for the population by thriving general practice. The GP Excellence Programme is a partnership between Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The GPEx aims to support General Practice to continue to thrive by encouraging improvement, development and positive engagement. To enquire about support on offer, please email:

Examples of support being provided by the programme:

  • Rescue – if you receive an inadequate CQC rating, the programme will support engagement with the RCGP Special Measures team
  • Resilience – training and development for all practice staff: PM Coaching, Working at Scale courses, Project Management support, Management and Leadership skills
  • Improvement – Team Building (away days), support for Neighbourhood working, Mentorship
  • Excellence – Quality improvement initiatives

The GM Excellence Programme (External)

The GM Excellence Referral Form

GM Training hub

The Greater Manchester Training Hub is a part of the HEE Training Hub model designed to meet the educational needs of the multi-disciplinary Primary Care team.

Their mission is to champion primary care as a career destination, where every member of the practice team is empowered to realise their potential and can improve the patient experience. This is achieved by ensuring access to quality lifelong learning experiences to strengthen and expand the workforce.

Their website has comprehensive information on how they achieve their objectives, including, but not limited to:

  • Developing and expanding placement capacity
  • Ensuring workforce planning is in place
  • Increasing recruitment to Primary Care
  • Retaining the workforce within Primary Care
  • Offering placed based tariffs

Find out more about the GM Training hub here (External)

The NHS North West Leadership Academy

The NHS North West Leadership Academy (NHS NWLA) empowers people in the North West to secure better health, care and wellbeing outcomes through leadership. Within the system and across diverse communities – they work to develop compassionate leaders and the conditions for inclusive, future focused leadership.

The NHS NWLA (External)

Resilient GP

Resilient GP is an organisation set up to support GPs in developing working practices designed to prevent burnout and to support a highly effective primary care service that works well both for the doctors and the needs of patients. Resilient GP began from a meeting of minds in cyberspace of a group of doctors. It was clear to them that government health policy and recent GP training models were causing huge morale problems within general practice as well as a distinct lack of confidence in newly qualified GPs to know what is legitimate NHS GP work when to say, “No more”.

Resilient GP (External)

Occupational & GP Health Service

The NHS GP Health Service (GPH) is for GPs and GP trainees across England, with issues relating to mental health concerns, such as stress, depression or addiction, often where it might be affecting their work. Although this service is not for individuals with mental health problems which require specialist psychiatric input, additional support can be provided by GPH where possible.

Salford Royal currently run the occupational health service for all GP’s in the North West. For more information on the services please see the GPH leaflet. The GPH operates by self-referral only, so if you’d like support, contact the GP Health Service via email, phone or by completing the self-referral form on their website.

NHS GP Health Service (External)

Please note: A review of occupational health service provision is taking place nationally and we don’t know how long this will take. The Salford Royal GPH service is still in place until further notice.