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15th July 2019

GMC Workload Survey

Salford & Trafford LMC contribute to the GMC workload survey

A GMC workload survey showed that more than four in five GP trainers face heavy workloads and that most work beyond their basic working hours every day. This was reported by GP online, where Krishna Kasaraneni, GPC England Executive team member and workforce lead said: 'That GP trainers are facing high workloads and regularly working longer hours than they should be is concerning, but not greatly surprising. Recent BMA research revealed that three-quarters of GPs – and 85% of partners – are working significantly more hours than they’re contracted to, which can have a hugely detrimental impact on their wellbeing.

General practice continues to be blighted by a workforce crisis, and if we are to encourage more trainees into family medicine while persuading experienced doctors to stay, the working environment for both must be vastly improved. Trainers do a fantastic job of helping develop the next generation of GPs, and that they manage to do this at the same time as providing high quality care to a growing number of patients is a testament to how hard they are working.' Read the story here.