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16th July 2019


Paid for travel vaccinations no longer covered by CNSGP

As highlighted last week, the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) and NHSR (NHS Resolution) have confirmed a change in cover provided by CNSGP with the supply and administration of paid for travel vaccinations no longer included. Following our representations DHSC and NHS England have committed to ensure that any general practice staff who were administering travel vaccinations and immunisations (where patients were charged a fee) and who understood themselves to be covered under the CNSGP for such activities, are not financially at a disadvantage as a result of any claim, or potential claim, against them as a consequence of relying on the incorrect information.

In order to mitigate any risk to the health of patients, NHSR will provide assistance in relation to any claim for clinical negligence for the supply and administration of privately funded travel vaccinations between 1 April and 31 July 2019. General practice staff should contact NHSR to access support for such claims. Claims relating to the supply and administration of any travel vaccinations or immunisations (where the patient is required to pay) provided outside of this period should be reported to your medical defence organisation or indemnity provider. Read Mark Sanford-Wood’s blog about this change here.