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1st October 2023

NICE News for Health and Social Care - October 23

Guidance and advice published in October 2023.

25th September 2023

2023/24 DDRB recommended pay rise for salaried practice staff

Further to the DHSC announcement some weeks back that all salaried general practice staff would  receive a 6% uplift to their pay, back dated to April this year, GPCE and the Sessional GPs Committee  recognise this is a matter that has the potential to create challenges between partners and salaried GPs. The BMA values both groups of colleagues and GPCE and the Sessional GPs Committee are working jointly to try and ensure collaborative communications to the profession as negotiations  around this issue are completed, which is likely by the end of September

13th September 2023

Accelerated Access to Records Programme update

GPC England continues to support patients taking a proactive role in the management of their own  health. This could be facilitated through access to a patient’s own electronic health records.

Following the imposition of the 2023/24 GMS contract, the Accelerated Access to Records  Programme is currently scheduled to go live for all patients on 1 November 2023. From that date,  patients in England will be given prospective access to information entered into their GP record.

1st September 2023

NICE News for Health and Social Care - September 23

Guidance and advice published in September 2023, to include:

30th August 2023

COVID vaccination programme update

NHS England has announced new changes to the previously published winter covid vaccination guidance, as part of an ‘accelerated programme’. Following the earlier notification of a reduction to covid fee payments, there will now be time limited ‘accelerated payments’ offered to bring forwardthe covid vaccination programme to 11 September for completion by the end of October (this relates to the enhanced fees and vaccination can continue after 31 October, but at the reduced IoS fee of £7.54). NHSE guidance states:

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