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20th January 2020

MMR Campaign

Materials Available

Next week, NHSE/I will be sending posters and counter cards to all practices in England to support the NHS ‘Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) – Help Us Help You, Get Protected’ campaign - as mandated within the 1920 GP Contract. These materials have been developed to support practices in encouraging their patients to get protected against measles, mumps and rubella, by getting the MMR vaccination. Posters and reception counter cards will be posted to GP practices for w/c 20 January 2020.

17th January 2020

BMA GP Committee Votes Down Contract

And Calls For Special Conference

The BMA’s England GP committee has voted not to accept a contract agreement with NHS England and condemned the recently-published draft service specifications outlining what is expected of Primary Care Networks (PCNs)1 over the next four years.

Members of the committee, who met in London on Thursday 16 January, were presented with a package of changes but voted against accepting them. The GPC’s executive team will now return to negotiations with NHS England. Details of the package remain confidential.

A separate motion condemned the draft service specifications, put forward by NHS England and NHS Improvement in December, and called for a Special Conference of English LMCs3 to allow GP reps from across the country to debate and consider the outcome of contract negotiations.

12th January 2020



This week's GPC meeting on Thursday 16th January will be critical for General Practice. Today (13th Jan), an urgent letter will go out requesting feedback from our LMC members. Please click on the link below to voice your concerns:-

The BMA has produced a handy summary of the current proposals from NHSE for reference, on the PDF below, in which it is possible to more readily spot the areas of major concern:-

For example:

- Each care home covered by a PCN must receive fortnightly visits from a GP and have a consistent, multidisciplinary team assigned to support its residents with weekly visits (page 17 of the draft specs).

7th January 2020

Primary Care Network Conference

Sat 8 February

It is still possible to book to join a large number of PCN leaders at our second PCN Conference on Saturday 8th February, at the ICC Birmingham. This will be an important opportunity to learn about what is happening in networks around England, share good examples and explore solutions to problems. Please see attached the outline programme which is also available on our PCN Support web pages:


3rd January 2020

Child Safeguarding

Judicial Review

Following longstanding concerns about the failure of many areas to make proper payment to cover the costs to practices for work covered by collaborative arrangements, at the LMC England Conference, the BMA launched an application for judicial review in Northamptonshire challenging the failure to make any financial provision for child safeguarding services provided by GPs. LMC England have now been informed that our application for judicial review has been granted permission by the Administrative Court, which will be listed in the next few months. 

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