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1st August 2019


New guidelines on Firearms licences for Salford & Trafford

The Home Office has published a consultation on draft guidelines for police issuing firearms licences. This will ensure officers are consistently checking applicants' medical fitness to hold a licence and have signed an agreement with the BMA and will provide greater protection for GPs who choose to place a firearms flag on the medical record.

24th July 2019


Salford & Trafford LMC continue to challenge Capita/PCSE contract

Yet another failure by Capita/PCSE was made known to GPC this week.  In response, GPC have again demanded that Capita be stripped of its contract to supply GP support services after the company admitted further administration errors.  In this latest event, correspondence sent to three email inboxes were left unprocessed for around two years. While Capita has not confirmed the total number of emails which went unprocessed, the BMA understands that it is in the region of thousands.

16th July 2019


Paid for travel vaccinations no longer covered by CNSGP

As highlighted last week, the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care) and NHSR (NHS Resolution) have confirmed a change in cover provided by CNSGP with the supply and administration of paid for travel vaccinations no longer included. Following our representations DHSC and NHS England have committed to ensure that any general practice staff who were administering travel vaccinations and immunisations (where patients were charged a fee) and who understood themselves to be covered under the CNSGP for such activities, are not financially at a disadvantage as a result of any claim, or potential claim, against them as a consequence of relying on the incorrect information.

15th July 2019

GMC Workload Survey

Salford & Trafford LMC contribute to the GMC workload survey

A GMC workload survey showed that more than four in five GP trainers face heavy workloads and that most work beyond their basic working hours every day. This was reported by GP online, where Krishna Kasaraneni, GPC England Executive team member and workforce lead said: 'That GP trainers are facing high workloads and regularly working longer hours than they should be is concerning, but not greatly surprising. Recent BMA research revealed that three-quarters of GPs – and 85% of partners – are working significantly more hours than they’re contracted to, which can have a hugely detrimental impact on their wellbeing.

12th July 2019


You will have seen recent reports about the effects the current pension arrangements are having on secondary care waiting lists. Read the BMA statement. BMA council chair Chaand Nagpaul has written to the prime minister saying: ‘Current Government policy is driving doctors out of the workforce. The BMA has been working tirelessly to alert HM Treasury and the wider Government to the reality of losing large swathes of expertise from the NHS’s most experienced doctors at a time when the over-stretched service needs it most. Without the good will of doctors to cover waiting lists and rota gaps as well as extra sessions in GP surgeries, patients will suffer.’ Read the full letter here.

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