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15th December 2022

Group A streptococcus - interim clinical guidance

The BMA have been calling for clear and effective public health messaging on Strep A, to ensure that it is clear where to go for help and to reassure the vast majority of people that they will not go on to become seriously unwell.

25th October 2022


We encourage anybody who is feeling under strain to seek support, and also check in on your colleagues’ wellbeing...

13th October 2022

General practice in crisis

Report from the BMA

General practice continues to face overwhelming pressures, with unmanageable workloads, coupled with a rapidly shrinking and exhausted workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a vast backlog of care, which is so far largely unmeasured and unrecognised in general practice, exerting greater pressure on a system already at breaking point.


11th October 2022

CQC inspections

CQC inspections are back! 

There have so far been 6 inspections completed across the 3 localities we cover. Whilst there is no way of predicting when you might be receiving yours, we do know that there are some factors which contribute to being towards the top of the list.

These include a practice merger, a premises relocation, 5+ years since your previous inspection, quality concerns and patient complaints.  




11th October 2022

BMA Inflation survey

Closing date 20th October

The BMA knows GP practices across England are feeling the impact of inflation and high energy costs, and we want to hear about your practice’s experiences. Please complete their survey so they can collect the evidence they need to advocate on your behalf.


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