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3rd February 2020


Freedom of movement statement

As Britain left the EU on 31 January 2020, the BMA released a statement saying that European doctors must continue to be welcome in the UK. Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council-chair, said: “Freedom of movement has allowed talented doctors and other healthcare staff to travel, work and teach across Europe, letting those from the EU to both contribute to and learn from the NHS, while UK-trained clinicians have been able to share their skills in other European nations. Our message to our European colleagues – and indeed those around the world – is a clear one: you are welcome here.” 

27th January 2020

Mergers & Takeovers Event

Last Call

The Mergers & Takeovers Seminar will be held tomorrow (Tuesday 28th January) 1915-2100 at The Copthorne Hotel at Salford Quays, Manchester. LMC Law and will provide the low down on the processes involved and an insight into things to consider. We still have 2 or 3 places left and we encourage you to attend if your practice is considering a merger or takeover, or if you just want to learn more about the available options. Please register using the eventbrite link below.

24th January 2020

Public Health England issues Coronavirus Guidance

GP Practices under pressure to screen

PHE issued guidelines today on best practice for handling potential cases of the Coronavirus. Experts said, it is possible that Wuhan novel Coronavirus (WN-CoV) may cause mild to moderate illness, in addition to pneumonia or severe acute respiratory infection, so patients could potentially present to primary care.  Fever, cough or chest tightness, and dyspnoea are the main symptoms reported by affected patients. PHE's primary care guidance says WN-CoV may cause mild to moderate illness as well as pneumonia or severe acute respiratory infection. Further info can be found here:-

If the infection does present in the UK it is most likely to occur in travellers who have recently returned from Wuhan and advises clinicians to take an accurate travel history.

21st January 2020



NHS Digital has emailed practices about an error with the Seasonal Flu 2019/20 extraction where the codes for patients in under 65 at-risk groups with TIA were inadvertently removed from the business rules. This means that these patients are not being included in the payment extraction despite vaccines having been given and coded appropriately. It is anticipated that the number of missed payments will be low, as it is likely that most people will have other risk factors that are captured by the current business rules. There will be a single collection in April 2020 for payment in 2020/21. 

20th January 2020

GPC England Meeting

And GP Contract Update

GPC England met yesterday where the majority of the day was spent discussing the GP contract negotiation proposals, including a package of proposed changes to the current contract. GPC England voted not to accept the proposed contract agreement with NHS England and NHS Improvement, condemned the draft Primary Care Networks service specifications and called for a Special Conference of English LMCs to allow GP to debate and consider the outcome of contract negotiations once they are concluded.

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