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8th October 2021

Inappropriate Workload Survey is Live

Due to the unprecedented demand placed on General Practice prior to and during the Covid 19 response, the LMC has launched a survey for Salford and Trafford Practices to complete,  as many of you are working far in excess of safe and acceptable limits.

The survey went live on Tuesday 5th October asking for details on the inappropriate workload shift from other providers to General Practice, and can be accessed via the below link. 

Survey for Salford and Trafford GP Practices on Inappropriate workload shift


4th October 2021

Consultant support for GPs

The BMA consultants committee are showing its support in their statement published today, unequivocally condemning the unacceptable abuse against hardworking and dedicated GPs and the general practice workforce – read the statement here.


30th September 2021

GP appointment levels higher than pre-pandemic

Responding to the publication of GP appointment data, Dr Mark Sanford-Wood, BMA GP committee deputy chair, said: 

"Today’s GP data shows that the total number of appointments delivered by general practice in August (25.5 million) remains higher than pre-pandemic levels (23.3 million in August 2019). The percentage of appointments delivered face-to-face has also risen to 57.7%, while the percentage of appointments delivered remotely (by telephone and video consultations) has fallen. GPs are doing their best to give as many patients as possible the appointments they need safely, against a backdrop of a shortage of GPs, all the while still working within the national guidance of infection control and social distancing measures. 


29th September 2021

Open Letter to Salford and Trafford GP Practices

Dear Colleagues 

We continue to find ourselves in the midst of very challenging times in General Practice and the LMC wanted to reach out to you all you. 

Sadly having to deal with abuse from patients is nothing new for Practices and it has significantly increased as the pandemic and lock downs have eased. Over the past 2 weeks this has escalated further, culminating in the sickening attack directed towards a GP and staff in Manchester which resulted in the GP suffering a skull fracture and leaving several members of staff with serious injuries. We know there have been more since. Salford and Trafford are no exception and  the level of abuse, aggression and scandalous vandalism has escalated resulting, no doubt, in staff fearing the working day. 

7th September 2021

Health and Care Bill 2021-22

Primary Care ‘Asks’ of the Bill Committee

The British Medical Association, British Dental Association, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, Optometric Fees Negotiating Committee and National Community Hearing Association have today joined forces to lobby the Bill Committee on behalf of NHS Primary Care

The collective aim is to ensure integrated Care happens through Primary Care clinical engagement and leadership at all levels of the new NHS structures in England.


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