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11th March 2020



This is the second of a series of regular updates to general practice regarding the emerging COVID-19 situation. An electronic copy of this letter, and all other relevant guidance from NHS England and NHS Improvement can be found on:-

10th March 2020



Concerns have been raised regarding a letter (predating the GP contract agreement) which states that local LES funding will be used to assist with CCG deficits, conflicting with the new contract agreement in England that local investment must be reinvested by the CCG into primary medicalcare. NHS England has confirmed that ‘where the Network Contract DES delivers services that were previously funded through LIS/LES arrangements, the deal describes how funding must be reinvested by the CCG into primary medical care’. Full details are available if you click on the following link:-

10th March 2020

NHS Mail Now Live

For GP Locums in England

NHSmail is now live for GP locums in England. After much hard work, in collaboration with NHSEI, NHSD and the GMC, NHSmail for GP locums went live today. This is a really important step in the recognition of the value and importance of locum GPs within primary care. This will allow locum GPs to access local, regional and national information.  As an example many locum GPs have no access to information on COVID-19 updates as they do not have NHSmail.

4th March 2020

COVID-19 Guidance for GP Practices

Updated with new advice from NHS England on 9th March

In order to ensure you are accessing the LATEST information available, we are providing the links to the main guidance on Coronavirus (Covid-19) for GP practices. All links to all available NHSE/PHE guidance and regulation can be found at:


3rd March 2020

GPC Contract Roadshows

For England

The GPC England executive team we will be presenting the GP contract details for 2020-21 to GPs and LMCs, at a series of contract roadshow events across England over the coming month. Full contract details can be found here:-

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